One of two dancers injured remains in a serious condition in hospital, with the accident occurring after fans voiced concerns about concert safety in a petition.

Falling LED display injures dancers at Hong Kong concert

A falling LED display has injured two dancers on a concert stage in Hong Kong.

The display – one of several suspended above the stage – fell during a performance by Cantonese boy band Mirror.

Social media video shows the falling screen landing on a dancer’s body and head, before it tilted and hit another dancer.

One of the two dancers remained in a serious condition in hospital last night, according to a local newspaper report.

The male dancer was admitted to intensive care, after he was injured on the fourth night of the group’s concert series. A female audience member was also admitted to hospital suffering from shock.

The show was halted, with Mirror manager Ahfa Wong announcing on stage that there had been a “large-scale accident” and asking fans to leave the venue in an orderly manner.

Concert organisers Music Nation and MakerVille have cancelled the remaining concerts in the series. The companies said they would fully investigate the cause of the accident and make an announcement as soon as possible.

Audiences in Hong Kong had previously expressed concern about the Mirror Concert series, with a petition generating 12,000 signatures by Wednesday evening, prior to the accident which injured the dancers.

A dancer had been injured during rehearsals and one of the boy band singers fell off the stage while performing during the second night of the series.

Reference : AVinteractive