The recently opened restaurant in Vienna, Austria is the largest in the country, with more than 500 seats, and has caught the attention of digital signage experts.

Flagship McDonalds joint boasts its own LED video wall

A flagship McDonald’s restaurant comes with large fine pitch LED video wall at its reception counter.

The restaurant opened in Vienna, Austria, earlier this year and has been profiled on the website of German digital signage consultancy

The restaurant has also drawn the attention of Canadian digital signage expert Dave Haynes, who maintains the Sixteen:Nine blog. “This McDonald’s in Vienna, Austria would have to qualify as one of the nicest ones out there – looking more like a lux hotel in the reception area than a fast food spot,” he says.

The store has 500 seats, making it the largest in Austria, and comes with a spacious foyer, suspended ceiling lights, a receptionist, a counter with daily newspapers and a bouquet of flowers.

Reference : AVinteractive