Eight hundred drones have taken to firework-filled skies over Osaka, Japan to mark the three-year countdown to the 2025 World Expo, courtesy of Skymagic.

Japan’s biggest drone show starts clock to Expo 2025

On 25 September, Skymagic delivered a drone light show in Yumeshima, Osaka for the Expo 2025 Three-Year Countdown Event, attracting around 15,000 spectators from the ground below.

Consisting of 800 drones, the display was one of the largest drone light shows Japan has ever seen, and its first to merge drones and fireworks alongside one another in the sky.

The start of the show saw the official character of the Osaka Kansai Expo, Myaku Myaku, illuminate the sky as a 135m-high image, followed by a dynamic countdown and the vibrant ‘Let’s Go Expo 2025’ logo.

The rest of the show depicted formations of life in a diverse array of forms, including creatures from nature, symbols of traditional Japanese culture and motifs unique to Osaka, collectively telling the story of the Expo’s theme: Designing a Future Society for our Lives, and celebrating the brilliance and diversity of life.

Some of the formations displayed included a majestic whale leaping from waves, a magnificent phoenix and an animated Kabuki mask in motion. Accompanied by music, this section of the show was designed to celebrate overcoming a global pandemic and looking ahead to a brighter future.

The audience was able to interact with the display when a huge scannable QR code was formed by the drones in the middle of the show. The show was also live-streamed on the day and filmed using drone cameras.

The outdoor drones independently developed by Skymagic are equipped with RTK technology (real-time kinematics), which enables position control with even higher accuracy than GPS, making it possible to draw high-definition formations in the sky.

In addition, by optimising the movement speed of the drones with a unique system, it is possible to develop very fast and accurate formations. The large LED module is equipped with a light intensity that can be seen from more than 1.5km away.

Skymagic has delivered choreographed drone shows across the world and is the first company to deliver drone light shows in the UK, Japan, Greece, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Qatar and the UAE.

Reference : AVinteractive