Two six-week shows, which mark the Dubai Shopping Festival, employ 3D animation tools to depict the word ‘Dubai’ in Arabic, and offer an immersive glimpse into the emirate in 2040.

Dubai Shopping Festival Drone Light Show, which was launched on 15 December, features the drones using 3D animation tools to depict the word ‘Dubai’ in Arabic.

The first of the two five-minute shows, which can be viewed from The Beach waterfront leisure complex and Bluewaters Island at 7pm and 10pm, is inspired by a day-in-the-life of a tourist, taking the audience on a journey through the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The second show – based in a futuristic metaverse – offers an immersive glimpse into Dubai two decades from now via AR headsets.

The drones are controlled by two pilots from a purpose-built landing area near the take-off site.

Another UAE state, Ras Al Khaimah, meanwhile, broke two Guinness World Records on New Year’s Eve. The emirate secured the title of the ‘largest number of operated multi-rotors/drones with a simultaneous fireworks display’ with 671 operated drones, and set the record for the ‘largest aerial sentence formed by multi-rotors/drones’ with 673 drones.

Reference : AVinteractive