A bespoke Peerless-AV Seamless mounting system makes a video wall comprised of 192 Absen dvLED panels appear to be ‘floating in the air’ at the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma.

‘Floating’ curved video wall tells story of First Americans

The First Americans Museum (FAM) in Oklahoma has recently installed a dvLED video wall to create an immersive story experience, which covers the collective histories of the 39 Tribal Nations in Oklahoma today.

Using 192 Absen dvLED panels and a Peerless-AV Seamless Bespoke Mounting System, the installation by Ford AV gives the illusion that the experience is floating in the air, using a six-degree concave design and content created by New York-based Batwin + Robin Productions. The museum also uses state-of-the-art exhibitions, artefacts, photography, live educational programs and a discovery centre to tell a story of diversity, resilience, and culture.

“This most certainly was no straightforward rectangular video wall. The installation and engineering of the dvLED video wall was highly challenging, but the Peerless-AV team was optimistic and confident that they could do anything to make the mounting system work successfully,” said Courtney Myers, CEO of Waystone LLC.

“By far the biggest concern was the curvature of the wall and the Peerless-AV team was instrumental in calculating the radius. The structure and weight of the video wall was also a challenge; three layers of ply were needed to make the curve which cantilevers out six feet from the wall, giving the effect of floating in the air.”

The Peerless-AV mounts were custom made for the Absen Acclaim 2.5mm dvLED panels, which provides full HD/4K image quality, true 16:9 aspect ratio, easy serviceability, and high brightness for indoor dvLED video wall applications, such as this. The slim design sits less than 10cm to the wall when mounted, and the size of the panels made it a flexible choice for the creativity and complexity of the FAM installation.

In celebration of its launch in September 2021, the museum planned a week full of thrilling events, including a 45-minute fashion show that featured original content on the newly installed video wall in addition to performances from the Oklahoma City Ballet and nationally renowned poets and speakers.

FAM Director/CEO James Pepper Henry commented: “The giant dvLED video wall is more than we hoped for! Since our opening, the Xchange theatre, as it is now called, has become a popular venue for demonstrations, singing, storytelling, and fashion shows. The dvLED video wall adds a truly special element to shows and performances with original and inspiring motion backgrounds, and also provides a means to thank our patrons for their support in making FAM a reality.”

Reference : AVinteractive