inurface introduces LED ads to underside of airplanes

The digital signage and experiential innovation company is launching a Sky Screens service, offering advertisers a new way to reach consumers via 200qsm airborne screens.

Digital signage and experiential innovators inurface group have today, the 1st of April, announced that later this year they will be launching a new service, inurface Sky Screens. Initially available to clients across the UK the innovative service will allow large scale advertising on the underside of airplanes as they fly over UK airspace.

This exciting new opportunity, using the latest LED technology, will allow for the installation of screens, up to 40m by 5m, on the underside of the body of commercial planes. Once installed this will then be able to display adverts, visible to the public from the ground, for a certain period after take-off and before descent, opening a whole new avenue of previously completely untapped exposure to brands wanting to get their messaging into the public eye.

inurface is proud to work with some of the UK’s biggest high street brands and always looking to explore new ways of interacting with their consumers. In a world of blue-sky thinkers’ brands can quite literally target individuals with their heads in the clouds. With over 1,400 planes taking off and landing from Heathrow alone daily, and a long-term working relationship between inurface Media and the airport, the opportunities are huge.

In an even more exciting addition to this announcement the intelligent nature of inurface’s technology, and its ability to be managed remotely, means that messaging can be changed depending on where over the country they are being viewed and potentially even modified by interaction with consumers on the ground.

By partnering with airlines, and using planes which are already in the sky, the LED technology is able to run off emissions as they are generated. Consequently the new offering is less environmentally costly than may first appear, something incredibly important to the inurface team.

CEO and Founder, Josh Bunce, commented: “inurface’s launch of airplane advertising is an exciting next step for our business. We’ve always told clients the sky’s the limit and now that’s, quite literally, the case.

He added: “Consumers are bombarded with images and advertising all day every day so we are always looking for unique and new ways of reaching our audiences. It’s a crowded space but by utilising the sky we are making the most of a previously blank canvas.”

Reference : AVmagazine