The company’s main booth will focus on tech that makes life more enjoyable, while its first-ever booth dedicated to automotive displays will showcase ways to improve the experience of driving.

LG Display to showcase foldable OLED technology at CES

LG Display will be showcasing its foldable OLED technology at CES 2023, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from 5-8 January.

The 17″ Foldable OLED optimises a laptop’s utilisation in various environments, since it can fold in half to become a tablet or portable monitor. It is almost entirely crease-free at the point of folding, allowing it to be used in various forms. The screen’s touchscreen solutions enable people to use it with either a pen or their fingers.

The module structure of LG Display’s 8″ 360° Foldable OLED technology guarantees durability even when folded more than 200,000 times, while its special folding mechanism minimises wrinkles along the folding areas.

On its first-ever booth solely dedicated to next-generation automotive display innovations, the company will unveil a wide range of automotive displays featuring technologies such as P-OLED and LTPS (low-temperature polycrystalline silicon) LCD, which enable larger and higher-resolution displays with more distinctive and practical designs.

LG Display’s 34″ P-OLED display employs an ergonomic structure that gives drivers a clear view of the dashboard and navigation system at the same time. Also on show will be the company’s LTPS LCD-based Head-Up Display, which achieves up to 5,000 nits to meet a driver’s needs, while maintaining premium picture quality.

The company will also showcase its Thin Actuator Sound Solution, which allows a device to vibrate off display panels or interior materials for a richer sound experience. The Thin Actuator Sound Solution – which measures 150mm x 90mm, with a thickness of 2.5mm and a weight of 40g – can be installed in various parts of a vehicle’s interior, including the dashboard or seat headrest.

LG Display will present its range of OLED TV panels – from 97″ to 27″ – as well as the ultra-small 0.42″ OLEDoS. New Movable OLED concept designs leveraging the technology’s thin and light qualities will also be demonstrated.

OLED Glow is a 27″ OLED concept that can be adjusted in terms of its height and angle, and features touch technology. Show visitors will also be able to experience the BeFit Trolly, which combines a wheeled storage design frame with a 48″ LED panel boasting Cinematic Sound OLED technology that creates sound directly from the display without additional speakers.

LG Display will also showcase its gaming-optimised 45″ ultra-wide and 27″ OLED displays, which boast a fast response time and clear picture quality by applying a special polariser for gaming. Its Bendable display technology allows gaming OLEDs to bend up to 800R.

This month, LG Display will start mass producing gaming OLED panels for premium gaming monitors by companies such as LG Electronics, Asus and Corsair.

Reference : AVinteractive