The 6m x 6m walk-in art installation at a museum in Paris is made from cubes with mirrored outer surfaces and inner surfaces which consist of individual screens.

Mercedes-Benz makes ‘magical garage’ with immersive art

Mercedes-Benz has created a 360° immersive art installation in the gardens of the Musée Rodin, in Paris.

The 6m x 6m walk-in ‘magical garage’, which opened on 18 October as part of the car marque’s Showcasing Innovations 2 brand campaign, ‘floats’ on a platform above a fountain.

The installation is made from cubes with mirrored outer surfaces and the insides of the cubes consist of individual screens. Visitors sit on a car seat in the middle of the room and video content immerses them in the magical garage’s four abstract worlds, each of which represents a Mercedes innovation for a new era of mobility: ‘energising comfort’ for all the senses; Dolby Atmos for an immersive 3D sound experience; ‘drive pilot’ for automated driving; and ‘digital extras’ for additional comfort.

Mercedes-Benz „magische Garage“ in Paris, 2022Mercedes-Benz “magical Garage” in Paris, 2022

The media content and mirrored exterior surfaces interact with the environment to turn the installation into a living work of art that invites visitors into the surreal world of the campaign. The cinematic experience gives visitors the feeling of floating freely in space on their seat, while an interactive element allows them to playfully design the scenery they see themselves.

Reference : AVinteractive