The screens are capable of 700cd/sq m high brightness, making them suitable for a range of uses where space is limited, including public venues, transportation hubs, restaurants and shops.

PPDS ships 329 Philips S-Line ‘stretched’ digital signage

PPDS has launched the 32:9 Philips S-Line digital signage ‘stretch’ series for high-impact installations in environments where space is limited.

First teased on the Philips stand during ISE 2022, the 37” Philips S-Line series (37BDL3050S) adds a new dimension to PPDS’ digital signage and dvLED portfolio, with its ultra-wide 32:9 aspect ratio (928.5mm x 282.3mm x 48.7mm).

Built for 24/7 operation, the screens are capable of 700cd/sq m high brightness (1920 x 540), making them suitable for a variety of industries and uses, including public venues, transportation hubs, restaurants and shops.

The stretched design and narrow bezel frame (12.4mm T/B, 10.5mm R/L) allows high-impact content to be delivered in spaces where traditional digital signage may not be suitable due to size constraints. The screen weighs 7.8kg and can be mounted portrait or landscape, so it will fit into narrow spaces.

Philips S-Line displays can be installed as a standalone solution or daisy chained using PPDS’ versatile HMDI linking technology, as part of a multi-display setup. For tiled setups, displays can be connected using a single external player.

Running on Android 8, the Philips S-Line is optimised for native Android apps, with users able to install apps directly to the display. An integrated media player allows content to be created and scheduled via a USB connection and the internal memory, helping to ensure displays remain active at all times, even in the event of a network outage.

The Philips S-Line will also soon be compatible with PPDS’ cloud platform PPDS Wave, increasing its remote management capabilities.

Martijn van der Woude, PPDS’s head of global business development and marketing, said: “With a unique and unmissable 32:9 aspect ratio design, a high-brightness screen for the clearest and most vibrant content, coupled with effortless control and management capabilities, the Philips S-Line literally stretches out the opportunities for retailers, public venues and transportation hubs.”

Reference : AVinteractive