Samsung to buy more LCD TV panels from LG Display next year

You can expect more Samsung “QLED” TVs to be equipped with IPS LCD next year as Samsung is looking to procure up to 4 million LG Display panels, according to The Elec. Possibly OLED panels too.

In 2017, Bloomberg broke the news that Samsung had been forced to seek help from arch rival LG due to LCD panel shortages. As a result, several of Samsung’s TV models, including “Neo QLED” models in 2021 (check the TV Database), are now equipped with low-contrast IPS LCD panels rather than the VA LCD panels found in Samsung TVs historically.

A report from Korea’s The Elec now claims that Samsung is hoping to reduce its dependency on Chinese panel makers such as TCL CSoT and BOE, and take increased deliveries of LCD panels from AUO, Sharp, and LG Display next year.

– “Samsung Electronics will diversify its LCD TV panel purchase line next year more than before. This is to reduce dependence on Chinese panel makers that have dominated the global LCD market,” The Elec reported. “There is also a forecast that LG Display will supply Samsung Electronics with 4 million large LCD units next year, which is more than five times the hundreds of thousands of units known for this year. In terms of LCD panel quality, it is known that Samsung Electronics prefers LG Display over Chinese companies.”

However, there is some disagreement over how many of LG Display’s IPS LCD panels Samsung Electronics is looking to procure. Analyst firm Omdia expects the share to be just 2% of Samsung’s projected 44-45 million TV sales in 2022, or about 1 million panels.

Samsung Display, which in the past supplied most of the LCD panels in Samsung Electronics’s TV models, is likely to withdraw from LCD TV panel production next year after it decided to delay its exit due to coronavirus.

Reference: FlatPanelsHD