Total sales of 'The Frame' to exceed 2 million by year's end

The Frame is a hit in Europe and North America, according to Samsung, which has sold over one million units this year and expects total sales to exceed two million by the end of the year.

The Frame is a regular TV that doubles as a digital photo frame in your living room. It cannot match the picture quality of OLED or advanced LCD TVs but it is seemingly popular with consumers for other reasons.

– “Samsung Electronics today announced that it has sold more than one million units of ‘The Frame’ this year, making it Samsung’s first single-year million-seller in its Lifestyle TV lineup. Total sales since The Frame’s 2017 launch are expected to exceed two million units by year end, driven by heavy demand in North American and European markets,” the company said.

It is the first time that Samsung has released sales figures for its lifestyle TVs. The Frame is the most popular model and the line-up also includes Serif, The Sero (vertical TV), The Terrace (outdoor TV), and The Premiere (laser projector).

It also suggests that sales have taken off in 2021 where Samsung has made The Frame much thinner (24.9mm) and expanded the line-up to span 32 to 85 inches.

Samsung’s The Frame 2021 has a 4K LCD panel with an edge LED backlight. There is a subscription-based Art Store with over 1500 artworks but users can also upload their own pictures in 4K resolution. The frame around the panel can be changed by the user.

LG TVs offer gallery features but LG has not positioned its TVs as digital photo frames. The Apple TV box lets users enjoy slow-motion videos from around the world or your own pictures on any type or brands of TV. A few TV apps also try to mirror the experience. However, The Frame offers the most integrated and complete solution, based on our testing.

Since 2017, Samsung has launched a new version of the The Frame every year so we can probably expect to see a refresh at CES or later in 2022.

Reference: FlatPanelHD