The dual-sided video board at a stadium in Los Angeles is part of a Dreamground AR experience where visitors can explore, create and play with life-sized doodles and floating portals.

Samsung’s 80 million pixel screen features in AR experience

Samsung has announced the debut of Dreamground, a live AR experience at the SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park entertainment district in Los Angeles, and at its flagship Samsung 837 store in New York.

Visitors to Dreamground can create, explore and play in an AR world of life-sized doodles and floating portals by holding mobile phones up to screens in the SoFi stadium and the Samsung 837 store and up to structures in Hollywood Park.

There are options to explore Bubbloonland, Flutterring Forest and Crystal Galaxy spaces as well as other visitors’ creations. Users can add their own virtual elements to the sculptures, placing and spawing interactive elements on any surface or drawing midair to make custom floating creations. It is also possible to see creations left behind by others or collaborate together with other visitors in real time.

The created elements live in the Dreamground experience for up to 24-hours so visitors can leave something behind for others, making each experience different and building upon other visitor’s creations. The AR creations and interactive face filters also become photo and video opportunities for visitor’s to share across social channels.

Dreamground can also be accessed through 4K film projected onto the Infinity Screen by Samsung, the 70,000 square-foot, dual-sided center-hung video board at the heart of the SoFi stadium. This videoboard has the largest LED content playback system ever deployed and has nearly 80 million pixels spaced 8 millimetres from centre to centre.

The Dreamground experience also features portals that are exclusive to Galaxy 5G device holders on Verizon. These Galaxy 5G Portals feature 4K, 360 streamed video and ultra-high fidelity AR. The ability to explore and interact in high resolution and in real-time showcases the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G.

Reference : AVinteractive