The LED display control card is the core component of the display, which is equivalent to the cpu of the computer. It is responsible for receiving information from the computer serial port or U disk, placing it in the frame memory, and generating the serial display data and scan control timing required by the LED display according to the partition drive mode. The pictures of the LED display are played through transcoding.

LED display control cards can be divided into three categories: single-color control cards, two-color control cards, and full-color control cards

What are the LED display control card models

Main models of LED display :
– Different manufacturers have different models of control cards. We only need to know which brand it is, and what model corresponds to this brand. It can be said that as long as the period control card software can be found.
– Listed below are some common manufacturers’ models, such as sporadic rain with LSY and LINSN logos, Zhongqing with ZQ letters, BX, ZH, EQ, LINSN, KALAITE, LINXING, FEIDU, DEPUDA, Liyan et al.
How to check the control card model.
– If there is control software on the computer, you can search for the company of the card by searching the name of the software on the Internet, and call their technical support to help you solve it. If there is no software, you can only find the control card on the left side behind the screen or on the right side in front of the screen. There must be a model on it, write it down, and search on the Internet.