The Premiere 8K projector, which has been launched in time for CES 2023, can display images with a diagonal dimension 25% bigger than previously achievable.

Samsung’s new 8K UST projector can display 150″ images

Samsung launched an ultra-short-throw projector with 8K resolution at CES 2023 in Las Vegas this week.

The company claimed the Premiere 8K is the first such device to display an image with a diagonal dimension of 150″, according to a report on Digital Trends, with 8K ultra-short-throw projectors having previously been limited to image sizes of 120″.

Samsung has confirmed that the updated version of 2020’s Premiere 4K – a single box designed to sit on a low table directly below and just a few inches away from a wall or screen – will feature a built-in Dolby-Atmos-capable sound system and will offer the same Tizen OS features as its flagship TVs, including Gaming Hub, Art Store and Health Monitor.

As well as the Premiere 8K, Samsung has unveiled an OLED TV with a 77″ screen and a new range of Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs at CES 22023. The company will also be showcasing the Samsung Gaming Hub, which offers unlimited access to thousands of games from partners such as Xbox on Samsung Smart TVs, without the need for downloads or consoles.

Reference : AVinteractive