LG Display has collaborated with Korea-based bakery Paris Baguette to install 38 transparent OLED displays for use as digital signage – the largest number deployed at a single site.

Transparent OLED display deployment breaks records

LG Display has installed a record number of transparent OLEDs at the lab of Paris Baguette, a flagship store in Pangyo’s Techno Valley, an area touted as Korea’s Silicon Valley.

The site has a next-generation research institute where new bakery products and services can be tested, with the displays providing customers with a new shopping experience.

LG Display’s Transparent OLED maximises the advantages of the self-emissive display technology that doesn’t require a backlight. It’s transparent enough to replace existing windows, and is thin, light and vivid.

As people enter the bakery, a large-sized Transparent OLED sign made up of six horizontally connected Transparent OLEDs catches the eye. Compared to the usual neon signs, it shows off a fancier and more sophisticated design.

In addition to the basic functions of representing products in sales, store names, etc, additional content can be provided on the screen to provide more information and images.

A Transparent OLED Partition serves as a glass wall between the baking station and the store, so people can see the baking process through it and product advertisements on it at the same time.

The Transparent OLED can also save space by showing two scenes at the same time, as well as enhance the overall futuristic ambience.

In an area where customers can enjoy bread and coffee, there are a further 22 Transparent OLEDs installed on the wall. A 13.5m-long Transparent Art Wall not only provides various types of brand advertising, but also creates a luxurious atmosphere with high-tech and future-oriented elements.

Two more Transparent OLEDs are also horizontally combined and installed on a bread stand to provide further signage options. Consumers can get a variety of information from this while picking bread, meaning they don’t have to come up to the counter to ask about the ingredients or how a bread will taste.

Reference : AVinteractive