VR solutions provider Holosphere has standardised on the use of Scalable Display Technologies edge-blending technology in the room-scale VR CAVE solutions it supplies to leading companies.

Scalable edge-blending assists room-scale VR in CAVEs

Based in Birmingham in the United Kingdom, Holosphere provides innovative solutions for the full lifecycle of virtual reality solutions – from idea conceptualisation to delivery and debut. Founded in 2016 by Rob Halliday-Stein, the company now creates compelling brand experiences for some of Europe’s most dynamic companies, including Jaguar Land Rover, Arc Vehicle and GAME.

Holosphere’s premier solution, room scale virtual reality, also known as a CAVE, enables users to move freely within a defined area to create a perception of immersion within the environment. The user can walk, crouch and sit down within their virtual surroundings and feel more connected with the setting, making the effect of the experience even more potent. The CAVE integrates several projectors to illuminate multiple sides of a room to bring a hands-on experience to life using animations and interactions.

“Holosphere provides virtual reality CAVE solutions for various environments, including gaming, museums, entertainment, colleges and corporations,” said Tom Phillips, studio technician for Holosphere. “These companies are utilising CAVEs as a training tool. We’ve recently recorded significant growth in the oil and gas industry. We were approached by a company in the oil and gas industry to create a room-scale virtual reality solution to train new employees. We searched for a software solution that would allow us to streamline the projection edge blending in the CAVE.”

Phillips added, “Two years ago, we found Scalable Display Technologies. Since then, we have utilised their technology exclusively for edge-blending in our CAVEs. Scalable’s technology is painless. It’s simple to integrate alongside our content and technology. It’s a very straightforward solution and performs how we want it to.”

Scalable Display Technologies develops software that automatically warps and blends multiple projections into a single seamless display. Founded in 2004, Scalable is the original inventor and patent holder of camera-based automatic warp and blend technology. Ideal for virtually any application, Scalable’s software works on flat, curved domes and completely custom screen shapes. There are no limits to the size or resolution of displays created utilising Scalable’s software technology. Scalable’s automatic warp and blend multiple has allowed Holosphere to create a reliable, long-term solution for its clients.

“Scalable has streamlined the calibration and set up for us,” explained Phillips. “It would typically require a day and a half to calibrate our projectors, but, with Scalable’s technology, we’ve reduced our time to an hour. Scalable has turned a complex challenge into a solution that does not require specialised training to install and calibrate. From my point of view, Scalable has been a lifesaver for us.”

Reference : AVinteractive