A display which can simultaneously show personalised information to up to 100 viewers via ‘software-directed light rays’ is to be deployed in beta by Delta Airlines.

World-first ‘parallel-reality’ screen to make airport debut

Delta Air Lines is to launch a “parallel-reality” screen experience which allows up to 100 customers to see individual, personalised content on a single screen at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

The Parallel Reality beta screen experience will be available to customers who opt in, and will show customised flight and wayfinding information, even as passengers stand next to dozens of other viewers.

Previewed at the CES consumer technology show in 2020, the Parallel Reality beta experience is being launched in partnership with developer Misapplied Sciences.

According to the Misapplied Sciences website: “Parallel Reality Displays are enabled by a new pixel that has unprecedented capabilities. These pixels can simultaneously project up to millions of light rays of different colours and brightness. Each ray can then be software-directed to a specific person.”

At Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Delta Air Lines customers will see the Parallel Reality display in Concourse A of the McNamara Terminal, after moving through security. To initiate the experience, ticketed passengers can scan their boarding pass or customers enrolled with a digital identity through the Fly Delta App can activate facial recognition at the exhibit kiosk.

“This technology truly must be seen to be believed. We can’t wait for customers to experience the ease and convenience it can bring to their journeys, especially when paired with the wayfinding and personalisation capabilities of the Fly Delta app,” said Ranjan Goswami, SVP of customer experience at Delta.

Reference : AVinteractive