Generative visuals based on real-time capture of displays by laser artists were seen as LA-based Production Club put on a party for Minecraft billionaire Markus Persson.

‘World’s largest air-supported dome’ projection mapped

A structure described as ‘the world’s largest air-supported dome’ has been projection mapped from the inside with generative art visuals.

The mapping took place at a party hosted by Minecraft billionaire Markus Persson, also known as Notch.

Persson turned to LA-based creative studio, The Production Club, for assistance with the event which was named “.party()” in homage to the code for running a party function or subroutine.

The event featured the work of more than 30 VFX artists, together with DJ sets, while some 1,800 guests were in attendance.

The party also had a narrative theme, involving a hero who travels back in time to save humanity from being trapped after time is minted to the the blockchain.

Speaking to Fast Company magazine, Production Club CEO Corey Johnson said that a lot of attention was being paid to the metaverse but this party was a move in the opposite direction, towards more human connection.

“This dome will help collectively transport people into visual environments, where we’re curating music, sound design, and narrative to take people through a shared journey,” he said. “We’re using experience as a platform for artists to express themselves in new ways.”

All artists taking part in the event were provided with VR walk-throughs of the space to get an understanding of how their work would be seen.

“We built a system where we take a 360 camera, we put it in the centre (of the dome) to analyse in real-time the lasers that the laser artist is using,” said Production Club chief creative officer Miguel Risueño. “Then we analyse that and create generative visuals to go with it.”

Production Club is not accepting any more project work for 2022, and only accepting inquiries for 2023.

Reference : AVinteractive