STUFISH Entertainment Architects designed the 40m-long kaleidoscope, made with Mediapro LED and Showtex mirror foil, for a technology conference.

‘World’s largest’ kaleidoscope expands LED’s reach

The world’s largest kaleidoscope that you can walk through has been unveiled by STUFISH Entertainment Architects at the 2022 LEAP One Eye On the Stars conference in Saudi Arabia.

Measuring 40m long by 6m high and 3m wide, the kaleidoscope is made with Mediapro LED floor and wall tiles which were reflected by 6-metre high mirrors. made with Showtex mirror foil, to create the illusion of an ever-expanding environment.

The mirrors were designed without any seams or warping, and the kaleidoscope has triangular entry and exit ports at either end that needed to be designed in such a way as not to disturb the reflections.

STUFISH was also responsible for the content, which showed visitors scenes of Saudi Arabia’s natural environment layered with digitally transforming content.

The work was commissioned by conference and exhibition organiser Informa for the annual LEAP conference which took place from 1-3 February this year.

Maciej Woroniecki, partner at STUFISH Entertainment Architects, said: “Our kaleidoscope is meant to represent how a simple and considered design, when supported with a material that can scale as intended, can return an experience that is far larger than what was built and what is anticipated. We feel this is the epitome of efficiency and sustainability in architecture”.