The 60-foot (18.3m) high holograms in Sydney, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Mexico City each weighed 24 tons and required 126 sqm of holographic gauze.

‘World’s tallest holograms’ bring TV series HALO to Earth

A 60-foot tall (18.3m) hologram of a supersoldier has been projected onto holographic gauze in four cities around the world to advertise a Paramount+ TV series.

The hologram of the Master Chief: Spartan 117 character from the Halo series was produced by technology publisher Minute Media, working with hologram specialist Kaleida and media agency Wavemaker.

Each hologram weighed over 24 tons and was built with 100m of metal trussing and 126 square metres of holographic gauze.

‘World’s tallest holograms’ bring TV series HALO to Earth

Dubbed the HALOgram, the installations appeared in Sydney, Australia; in Toronto, Canada; in Sao Paulo, Brazil; and in Mexico City.

The Halo combat game, which depicts a war between soldiers and an invading alien race, debuted on Microsoft’s Xbox in 2001, the year’ of the console’s launch, and has had a number of sequels, including Halo Infinite which came out in November. The series has sold more than 82 million copies worldwide and grossed more than $6 billion in revenue.

The first show in the Halo TV series became the Paramount+ streaming network’s most-watched premiere, and a second season of the show has now been confirmed.

‘World’s tallest holograms’ bring TV series HALO to Earth

“Halo has delivered a tremendous response among fans around the world as Paramount+’s most-watched series premiere of all-time globally. We are proud to continue the momentum around the series by bringing Halo to life for fans in Australia, Latin America and Canada, in an epic and innovative way that only Paramount+ could achieve,” said Marco Nobili, senior vice president of streaming marketing, data and analytics at Paramount.

“We are always looking to push boundaries with our partners and the HALOgram was a perfect opportunity to realise that vision on a global scale,” said Ed Bovingdon, entertainment partnerships manager at Minute Media.

‍“Kaleida is all about world firsts and creating works on a scale that have never before been attempted. The four largest outdoor holograms in the world, in a 24 hour period, is a challenge we were excited and honoured to be invited to take on,” said Kaleida co-founder Daniel Reynolds.

Reference : AVinteractive

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